One-time products are used / activated once. A customer continuing the service needs to purchase a completely new product and is at risk to do so with another Channel Partner. Subscription products aim to keep a customer throughout their lifecycle with the same Channel Partner, with as little effort to the customer as possible, providing a smoother customer experience and continuous revenue.

Also referenced by epay as a Payment Instrument (PI) or BTR, it describes a model for subscriptions with a low technical entry barrier for channel partners (process is similar to POSA gift card products). It presents very few technical challenges and customer information does not need to be managed within a subscription portal. Recurring payments will be processed through epay via the existing payment infrastructure. This is especially fitting for channel partners with little end consumer CRM or limited IT resources for an extensive API integration. The brand controls the communication with customers.

Also referenced as Recurring/Partner Billing or RTR, it describes a model, where the Channel Partner fully owns the subscription agreement with the customer and is responsible for the CRM. A subscription management portal with a customer database is required. Payments are managed directly by the channel partner. Partners that already possesses this type of capability can then quickly onboard new subscription content.

Working With Renewal

epay has a standardized set of APIs and approach for the Onboarding depending on the requirements of the Channel Partner. Channel Partners can either connect to the subscription platform (RTR) directly or enlist epay’s services to manage recurring payment requests (BTR). Extensive documentation, flows, supporting documents and experienced staff will assist to facilitate a smooth Onboarding.

In case of RTR, the ability to send a Cancelation request is a hard requirement. Individual subscriptions have to be identified through a unique reference, with which it is managed. epay is able to support with that. For BTR tokenization of payment instruments is required. A smooth User Experience (UX) for an easy sign-up is recommended.

From the brand, epay needs products that support subscriptions. If you don’t offer subscription products today, epay can help to build your subscription portfolio with you.

In general no, that said each new country will require a full legal and tax review before a go-live. The subject of recurring billing is regulated differently depending on geography or jurisdiction. However, epay has already completed this in the majority of markets and would happily work with you if and when new countries are required to onboard.

Renewal and Security

We use up-to-date security measurements and are certified according to PCI-DSS and ISO/IEC 27001. In addition, regular audits take place. Once a project has kicked off, additional information on architecture may be shared.


During the Onboarding, IT project management will be provided. After the project has ended, epay operations support will be provided. During all time, an epay account manager will be at your disposal to guide commercially.

You will be assigned an epay account manager who can assist with most problems directly or can escalate any issue to our operations team.

The SLA is a minimum of 99.9% uptime for epay’s web portals and processing services.

The platform is hosted in epay’s data centers in Germany.

Next Steps

Aside from the information on this site, we recommend you schedule a meeting to get all your questions answered.

Contact us and an epay representative will help you define your requirements within just a few days. The primary epay contracting entity is epay’s German location in Munich. epay also has local entities in approximately 30 other global markets that can be used for markets with special regulatory considerations such as India and Brazil.